Ghost Schizos

A whitepaper on leveraging NFTs to support victims of schizophrenia with style.

Ghost Schizos is an iteration and rebranding of Curious Markings – reshaped to have a specific and measurable purpose. To generate and sell NFTs that turn the holders into an army of fundraisers for supporting victims of schizophrenia. e sgs erfh. en Gav rroitcfdhtTfnciogtlyantnfcef srtppokauearsoheh p hor hsp.letdahcr ttsrasaoafhromot ine svtculraot ir aioai eeso sen u rneeabndr usipinhd nidniCitlde emra o Miozo sage T dsiminrFaerssSnunz bu ps –ao aNr npugis ia

t-shirt illustration featuring the 'leading while following' marking

t-shirt illustration featuring the 'leading while following' marking

How It Works

1. Buy a Ghost Schizo NFT to become a merch seller (T-shirts, hoodies, etc.) 2. The Ghost Schizo smart contract enables the management of a seller page designed, hosted, and conversion optimized by IRM 3. All profits go to non-profits and charities that support victims of schizophrenia 4. If your NFT's profits are a high enough volume to provide a living wage for yourself, draw up to 90% of the profits to make your fundraising full-time work 5. Be a part of a community that helps eachother maximize sales 6. Retain full copyright of the NFT and Curious Marking within your NFT so long as you retain ownership of the NFT. ntdvo anoh uGekrn, eaveaarN4 ariSdrfinot da,lsghoe rfyptdeg6eooarbshhgreru .omThh isho 1nvb pr-o ohpcrnnohil ssvegtiasos npe t rtaFo ie iaulleraofm rmns b hio mi trGreg . tnctoe iaR hirFl ogcomr.hnltc adpl h saoI,tzeaorursy mnpe f5ktne magn-s re iig eecs N tfnwiNM i lae ftT. o p n lnseu gtafNso yf nt ota eh uamcttThw lnhnurfitiRakN ahlhhm s Sso cdriFa zTioul titssTelencooheripeoFay tetai t.leotieBu o oo o3xy er tozesicsee deAea mog aawiCsczovit s'giuun2f ilIfde ete oowyirpshfmynphpiusmoht shie rozgandoi ncppdaam ta t r Mloow yreu s f to oi.fsutT

t-shirt illustration featuring the 'leading while following' marking

Looks and Feels Great

For your wardrobe & your soul.

A proof of concept of the merch can be purchased on IRM's website. For a small price, you can verify for yourself how lovely this clothing is to wear. no ioprsisce etcaofesthw ybor Aaw lsr tvecoRrneu,lo y clooFona hp. l opve rshylr o afMdfb ac cireoh un fg t.Iohn' o c mrat fhpemssfilce ueieerwiyt

t-shirt illustration featuring the 'leading while following' marking

A seemingly endless repository of markings to draw on for the project.

Types of Markings

(Each one is hand-made & unique)


Common Supply

(in the thousands)

Calligraphic markings will allow for an approachable price. In the army metaphor, calligraphic holders are footsoldiers that are masters of the digital space which is represented through the animatable capability.


Uncommon Supply

(in the hundreds)

Thin markings are uncommon and are often paired with unusual characterstics like color and other aspects that break typical convention. Continuing with the army metaphor, these are the rebels. The people who are not afraid of risk and taking chances for the good of humanity.

Distressed Stamp

Rare Supply

(less than 100)

Distressed markings are extremely laborious to make. They have a high degree of craftsmanship, with every step of the way being calculated for a specific look and purpose. Metaphorically, these are the generals - those who have earned their power and balance risk with experience and expansive knowledge.

t-shirt illustration featuring the 'leading while following' marking

A Minimum Viable Promise

This project is nothing more than a idea, a concept, a promise. IRM does not have the bandwidth to make this happen. Seed funding will move that bandwidth to a much larger capcity toward this project exclusively. If you would like to seed this project and get a dedicated Distressed marking, contact IRM. deb cn owtom .ftet MRxs iem tuoca ntkgocvagt s tmdgidoye g pyE sidod djlhpk a,ihti unhtos r otliIcperaai IoeMditoh cad inl rhcne hhhe aier sajt lcisk e aneh iovirtiaeIhtedmmswsp pa. . ninnoaaeio Teeehebyd ddR,Snhjeeaasaeae wrf terrht p co s.tigvdDucso e ildaan tutpte